Holistic approach in leadership,
personal and team development

Consulting, coaching, mentoring by ︎︎ Natalia Tachynska ︎


> 8 years of teaching and mentoring at Projector online institute, Kyiv Academy of Media Arts, Baggage school of marketing communications, ADC*UA School.


Coach-competent, mixing existential and life coaching, providing group facilitation in a fields of Holistic leadership, authentic personal & team development.

Using the methodologies of Harvard Business School, Case Western Reserve University in the field of organizational behavior, Hyper Island, Ivey Business School, NTNU.

Combining techniques from organizational, life- & existential coaching and HOGAN assessment to amplify your personal results or team development. 

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I can help you with:

Topics I’m covering:

  • Competences and character traits of an inspiring leader. Transition to adaptive leadership: relevant to the current time, to your personality, business and team

  • The deep-level competencies of the team members. Transparent cooperation: transition from a rating system to a development system. The authentic development plan.

  • Team & Leader development models.

  • Addressing the mistakes. From Blame Game to growth through mistakes.

  • Healthy feedback. Overcoming the fear of giving or receiving honest feedback.

  • Conflicts and their transformation into power.

  • Emotional intelligence, Nonviolent communication, Assertiveness in a team.

  • Psychological safety and personal boundaries as the basis for close-knit team.

  • Change management. Shaping new ways of teamwork.

  • Risk management in terms of leadership.

  • Design Thinking principles for stronger collaboration.

  • Design sprints to resolve the challenges. Less talking, more building and testing.

  • Existential Coaching practices for leader and team.


Individual coaching

Find your growth points and real resources. Create an action plan that is feasible and organic for you.

The most effective way to achieve your goals and resolve problematic aspects in work & life is to go through your authenticity, the integrity of your inner truth and outer manifestations.

In order to have a safe process and a sustainable result, I combine techniques from organizational, life- and existential coaching. 

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︎ HOGAN assessment

Hogan designed to assess personal qualities that promote success in work, in relationships, in education and training, and in life.

This international system of independent personality assessment combines the insights from psychoanalytic theory, evolutionary theory and dynamic of social interaction.

Assessment results are particularly helpful in leadership development through:
- Predicting job performance.
- Identifying and mitigating performance risks.
- Developing next-generation talent
- Making a personality-career fit.

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Design Thinking workshops

Develop new solutions and improvements to your product or problem using Design Thinking approach and stages.

Study & practice the mindsets behind Design Thinking that help you to integrate design thinking into your team's work successfully.

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Lets set up the theme of the workshop, lecture, consultation or session based on your needs.


︎ Online & Offline 

︎ Workshops

1-4 days

︎ Lectures

1-3 hours

︎ Consulting

1h session

︎ Coaching

Indivisual 1h sessions



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