Philips DanceFormation
ad campaign  

Danceformation by Philips — indelible blend of the art of dance with the beautiful Philips designs.

6 most expressive Philips products embodied in movement, music and visual aesthetics of 6 dances.

* Password for vimeo video: talatach


  • Overcome a perception barrier of Philips as an old and boring brand from 90s.

  • Change the perception of Philips from conservative to innovative and stylish.

  • To represent the innovative products of Philips to the young TA in an engaging way.


Campaign ideation, video concepting, dancers look&feel art-direction.

First sketches represented the idea: express each product as a dance and key technical features of the products as the key dance moves.

Moodboards defined the dance & music style, look & feel and atmosphere of each dance.

Every dance story had 3 key advantages of the product woven into it.

Interactive videos on a website allowed users to learn more about the product or shop online.


International collaboration of Ukrainian creatives and American-Austrian-Hungarian dancers led to:

  • 150.000 unique site visitors

  • 212.519 video views ona website

  • > 2,5 minutes spent on the website

For the whole year our videos have adorned the Philips headquarter’ lobby in Amsterdam.

Awards: FWA, Golden hammer, Digital propeller, White square, ADC*UA, KIAF.

Created in ISD Group.