Orbit music video

The “Orbit” video is an exploration of musical and visual patterns.

Performance of Bram Stadhouders is accompanied with the skewed projection screen and mesmerizing graphics.
Screen behaves like a living canvas through which something breaks or tears it apart.

Patterns are going beyond the screen and filling the space as moving beams, interacting with Bram in a surrealistic manner. 

* The visual centerpiece — round projection screen and Bram — is referencing the “Orbit” initial performance approach. Ambient composition was performed live as an immersive surround sound experience with speakers and audience arranged in a circle around the musician.


Video direction 
Projection rt-direction  

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Director: Nataliya Tachinskaya 
Projection design: Noortje Noralie 
Projection art direction: Nataliya Tachinskaya
DOP: Wouter Koomen
1AC, Focus, Gaffer: Jeroen Dekeling
2AC: Loek Withaar
Edit: Mark Schokkenbroek
CC: Ruben Labree
Motion design: Serhii Serbin

Music by Bram Stadhouders

Thanks for watching!