Nurofen ad campaign

How to promote brand in a category, where consumers don’t care?

Nurofen headache pills needed to stand out of the clutter in one of the most  conservative (and boring ;) market — pharmaceutics.

Creativity & juicy craft are on its way to save the day!

8 of 10 people suffer from a headache caused by worrying a lot.
Having a headache, you don’t care about the pill’s brand. You just want to get rid of it quickly.

Every headache has it’s cause & story. As far as people don’t want to talk about the headache, they are willing to share the underlying stories.
A witty toy website for Nurofen Painkilling Tablets reveals the stories behind your
mundane problems and lets you make fun of them. A good irony and intelligent mocking are the best ways to let headache go.


Creative ideation, design concepting, site ui/ux & art direction, campaign creative direction.

Through the research, moodboards and curation of the concept-designs —> tight grid was transformed into feed in order to focus user’s attention on each container and get rid of more than 2-3 focuses per screen.

Shaping the whole website’s story I’ve worked closely with copywriter & creative group-head and generated more than 200 interactive combinations inside the containers. 

Real headache tweets, games with a voice-algorithm of google-translator, interactive logos — late work-nights with developers have totally paid off :)


  • 180K people received headache prevention support during the first month of the campaign.

  • More than 4 minutes spent on the website.

  • 9% sales increased during the first week (*no other TV or POS ad that week).

Campaign was continued for the next year and set a base for a long-term brand communication platform, where Nurofen become the most relevant brand in the category.

Awards: ADC*E, Webby awards, FWA, Europen design, Golden hammer, White square, ADC*UA, Kakadu.

Created in ISD Group.