Let's Talk About It music video

What happens to a person that gains excessive power?
Looking at real life, it’s hard to believe that decisions are made adequately.

This noir music video showing the changed consciousness of a person in power elegantly and metaphorically.

It is no longer clear: where is the pleasure of possession, and where is suffering and confusion; where is the passion to suppress others, and where is the inner need to escape from the burden.

A state of obsession and a phantom suitcase with own conscience.


Video direction
Creative direction 


Director: Nataliya Tachinskaya
DOP / Edit / Postproduction: Andrew Lisanov
1AC, Production manager: Oleg Drofa
Color: Oleg Kupshukov
Location manager: Aleksander Demchuk

Contact improvisation ~ Dance ~ Flow: Ruslan Baranov, Marina Baranova

Style: Helen Przhonskaya
BTS photo Sergii Khandusenko

Music by THE MAUNT

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Besides directing the music video for the band
I was happy to help them with visualisers for other 3 songs and main cover, which all together represented the new V Reflect EP.

Check the full  Visualisers project ︎ here

Thanks for watching!