Born for hugs ad campaign

Long-term strategic platform for Huggies (Kimberly-Clark) highlights the importance of hugs for babies and spreads the knowledge about it.

3-years communication was executed in the forms of crowdsourcing and charity campaigns.


There is nothing more valuable and important than the first mom’s hugs. Baby gets his warmth, tenderness and love for the first time in this world.

“Ukrainian Story of Hugs” is a crowd-sourced documentary about loving Ukrainian mothers, their children and the most valuable memories – their first hugs.

Only real emotions and truth can engage and motivate young mothers to share their stories about first hugs. This campaign started from two short documentaries telling the real stories about the importance of the first hugs in the life of newborns.


Video director, art director, 2nd DOP.

Budget cameras, 2 weeks of a "birth-call" expectation, night in a hospital with our lovely heroes, tears after and calls to my mom to thank her for going through such a massive journey to hug me for the first time.


Every baby deserves warm and loving hugs, but some have no mothers to hug them. Huggies started an initiative to deliver hugs to babies without parents.

The training program for orphanages enriched the existing nurses’ routine with hugs as they could give babies much more sense of security and love.

Everyone had the opportunity to join the initiative on the different levels — from a simple share to donation.


Creative director, art-director, site art-director, video curator.

I always start my art-direction with a definition of the FEELINGS-level on moodboards.

Feelings could be translated into associations and then visualised on different levels: colors, forms, site ui / ux and design, dynamics, mood and even props in the videos.


How to continue the strategic platform and show the importance of hugs even more expressively? How to help moms believe in the power of hugs?

Deliver hugs to preemies —  to whom they are crucial.


Campaign creative director, art-director, site art-director, video curator.


Haggies as a socially responsible brand is eager to make the lives of babies better.

This is a story where the good deeds and business results works together.

  • For more than 20 years Pampers has been the undisputed leader in the ROME subcategory. After 3 years of the consistent and emotional advertising communication Huggies Elite soft took the leading position.

  • More than 300 doctors joined the initiative and spreading the knowledge about the power of hugs in perinatal centers all over Ukraine.

  • And 2,5 million mothers learned, that hugs are not only about love – but about life.

Awards: EFFIE Gold, Silvers, Bronzes, KIAF, AdBlackSea, ADC*UA, Wow Done awads.

Created in ISD Group.