interactive music video

First ever music video activated by your run.

Physical movement immerses you in an abstract atmosphere of the hero’s unconsciousness. Grab your phone and run.

The music video and its interactive web version organically multiply the feelings inherent in the track.

Our constant yearning for stability and clarity turns out to be an endless inner chase. Running with your phone — > You embody the hero of the video himself.

Aggressive, raw-expressive, unstable, distorted and epileptic. A sense of painful obsession. Afterall, the only place you can get to is actually yourself.

Having reached the end of the interactive video, you can watch the backstage of the filming, which is available only on the website.


Creative direction
Video direction



Directed by Nataliya Tachinskaya
DOP & edit Alex Stratienko
Graphic Nick Kyrychenko

Mapping  Max Robotov & PHOTINUS Studio & KAMA NEW MEDIA students
Color grading & Post production Oleg Kupshukov

Producer Marta Melnychuk
Production manager Kostiantyn Stetsenko

Style Helen Przhonskaya
BTS photo Sergii Khandusenko
BTS video Andrey Shestakov


Creative & Art director Nataliya Tachinskaya
Web designer Dima Keaton
Development Mykhailo Saprykin, Pavel Ladan, Roman Konyk

Music by THE MAUNT